Thanks for visiting GreenPlanet, a non-profit consulting organization focused on sustainable agriculture, conservation and environmental stewardship. Our team of consultants, agriculturalists and business experts provide support and solutions to agricultural focused small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), NGOs and community based initiatives.

Consulting. GreenPlanet experts are well posed to help grow your green ideas. Whether that is starting a community garden or transitioning a large farming enterprise from traditional to organic farming, our experts can guide you through the process and make suggestions for better land management and use of resources.

Community Projects. We're excited to announce our new GreenSeeds Initiatives. Through small seed grants, we hope to encourage grass-root agriculture on a grand scale. Visit our "Community Projects" page to learn more about our GreenSeeds projects and how you can get involved, or to apply for a GreenSeeds Grant.

Conservation. GreenPlanet's first conservation project, protecting the Provo River Basin (Utah), is being met with enthusiasm. This gorgeous track of mountain wetlands meanders through farmlands in the shadow of the Rocky Mountains. Located in Utah's fastest growing county, these wetlands are largely privately owned, and are therefore threatened by development. GreenPlanet is working with conservation groups to help create conservation easements to protect this beautiful waterway for future generations.

GreenBlog. At GreenPlanet we aim to support sustainability in all aspects of living. Visit our blog and take a moment to educate yourself on some great ways to live more sustainably. Share your ideas on home-based agriculture or green living and encourage others to do the same, and together we will create an invaluable green living resource!

At GreenPlanet we feel we are at the right place, at the right time to affect positive change. Join us in our mission and support us with your tax-deductible contributions.

Fly Fisherman Along the Provo River (Utah)
Fly Fisherman Along the Provo River (Utah)



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